Freight and Shipping

We make our own oversize skid for each model evaporator that is shipped truck freight. By doing this it ensures that damage in shipping does not occur. We have had only two out of the last 50 evaporators shipped that received damage. The evaporator is strapped, cardboard added and shrink wrapped to the skid. (See photo.)

The customer receiving the shipment has the responsibility of inspecting the freight before signing the Bill of Lading and releasing the freight company of any and all damages caused by the freight company during the time the freight is in their care.

I attach bold labels to each side of the evaporator “Inspect for damages before accepting”. This label means YOU need to carefully look, cut and remove the shrink wrap, look more and inspect for damages. If your pan is dented and bent. Or the arch (stove) is dented and bent. You need to have the driver note any and all damages on the bill of lading and refuse the freight. Have them send it back. But he must write on the Bill of Lading explaining the damages. Once you sign the Bill of Lading, you own it.