operating The Evaporator


1) The arch always sits level. Put a level on the arch.

2) Always have liquid in the pan. Never start the fire with a dry pan.

3) On the side of the pan where the drawoff box is the cut out is 2” deep. This is your starting point of sap.

4) Preheater is full of sap. You have 2” in the pan. Start your fire. Get the boiling going. Evaporation takes place. The sap level drops to 1” – half the drawoff cut out. Open the preheater valve slightly trickling sap into the pan maintaining the 1” of sap level in the pan.

5) Boil three boils with sap coming in the feed tube (if your using the XL model) on the left. Then remove the feed tube which should be finger tight and move the tube bracket to the opposite side, install bracket and install tube finger tight.

This reverses the flow and where the syrup was made the raw sap boiling there removes the nitre/sugar sand from the pan and sends it through the system out the drawoff. Every three boils move your tube and bracket.

6) Use Teflon tape on all threads for the valves. Do not over tighten as there is not a lot of pressure. Feed tube is finger tight because it will be moved frequently.

photo courtesy of Roy Clark